Monthly Tobacco Ceremony

LeCoeur 602A Haywood St., West Asheville

We will be hosting tobacco ceremonies on the first Monday of each month. Each ceremony will follow a specific theme such as: planetary healing, ancestor work, personal healing, etc.

Drawing from the healing traditions of the Andes and the Northern Peruvian coastal traditions of Curanderismo, Jeff and others will officiate an evening of sacred healing, divination and empowerment. Many of the practices used in this healing ceremony date back more than 3000 years and are anchored in generations of constant practice. A small amount of sayri (sacred tobacco in a liquid form) will be used as a sacrament to help participants awaken their inner capacity for insight, healing and wisdom.


suggested donation: $25-40 (1/2 goes to facilitator, 1/2 goes to pay for space rental)

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